Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handle Leak with Domino Server

Run next code as third party program on Domino binaries.

PATH must point to Domino location and Notes.jar must be from Domino.

It will crash Domino server within few minutes. The reason is that Domino has Handle Leak on every create\recycle session. It will free only if Java program will stop.

The same code works correct with Notes Client

There is dummy work around. I am not sure it will stable and appropriate for any

If test will stop without closing notes thread (incorrect closing) then Domino will generate message in the console:

"process ... javaw.exe ... has terminated abnormally" 

In the case of this message begin to showing in the domino console, then handle counts will not rising and this code will work without crash.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fast fix to Domino Java Syncer

After importing java libraries by Domino Java Syncer 2.1 some agents was not compiled by native DXL importer in some databases. So there is fast fix to compile and sign all java agent in database after export java library with Domino Java Syncer.

Domino Java Syncer 2.1 updated without version change.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update of Domino Java Syncer

There is a few improvements to Domino Java Syncer 2.0.

Domino Java Syncer 2.1  and list of changes:

Notes.jar parameter was removed form “eclipse” command

Exported eclipse project will use Lotus Notes JVM. This JVM includes Notes.jar, so there is no need to include this package within special entry.

You will need to add it manually in to the project In the case you will use not Lotus Notes JVM.

“.jar” dependencies have relative path in exported eclipse projects

Full path in dependencies was bad in the case if you will want to move you project to another location or sync it with Version Control system.

So precious path like "C:\eclipse\workspace\MyEmail\lib\mailapi.jar" was changed to "\MyEmail\lib\mailapi.jar"

Do not forget compiler settings

Notes DXL use 1.3 compiler by default (at least 8.5.3 Lotus Notes client). Default compiler will be used In the case of importing DXL. So, if you use some newer Java features as annotation, then Java libraries will not be compiled after importing. You will receive many “NoClassDefFound” issues.

To avoid this, go in to the notes.ini file of LotusNotes client and add “JavaCompilerTarget=1.5” property.

DXL import log

DXL log will be shown in the console for DXL importing operations.