Thursday, February 21, 2013

View Outputformat "json" issue

I got problem with "Outputformat=json" for view. In the case of "!" sign presence in a view column, it wrapped to "\!". That is incorrect for canonical JSON.

I use JSON for HTML output, so I fix it by replacing "!" to it's HTML code "!".

To fix - place simple formula in to the column value:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dive in to ace

We use HTML templates in our project. Unfortunately there is no ability to good editing this templates in the IBM Notes client

I dig around a little and found a cool thing - ace - that help us a lot.
So, xPages, ace, jQuery  and few hours of work:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Light reader of rank

Alexa is a good site to check you rank, unfortunately it's does not store statistic for the sites that have less than 100,000 rank.

You could buy account, for store such statistic for you own site.

Sometime you need to look for the statistic of your competitors, that are lower than 100,000.

I create a little program that allow you to gather statistic for any site that is on the

You need to put URL in to the properties file, run program and look in to the resulting json.

input example


result example

  "" : "10,546",
  "" : "16,323",
  "" : "16,487",
  "" : "462,863",
  "" : "4,722,060",
  "" : "7,679,714",
  "" : "12,461,834"