Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some examples Java to Lotus connect

I had some tasks.
Lotus Domino & Notes 8 E-Mail: Read out emails for last two days: From the inbox read out all emails received within the last two days. Print out the following information: subject, body, received date, importance, recipients, sender Calendar: Create meeting in calendar: Duration 1h starting at next full hour. Specify subject and body. Set alarm 15 min before start. Meeting should be private.
Here my solutions of this task.


Whistle Master said...

I'm interested in your Lotus Note - Java tasks examples but the link ( doesn't work anymore. Could you please post a new link to those examples ? Thank you very much ! Kind regards

Andriy Kuba said...

Sorry for a late response.

Link does not work because google have close "".

Unfortunately I could not find it again.

What do you need exactly? Maybe I could help you.