Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Concurrency Lotus Document Processing in Java

Domino have all objects synchronized within session so it does not look a good idea to do something with documents in multiple threads in Domino. Some time you need to do some on document that takes a lot of time out of Domino objects, like read some data from URL and put it to the document. Reading URL source data will take a lot of time there, so it is a good idea to do such task in multiple threads.

Take in to mind this multiple thread test on 50 documents

Only document access operations like computeWithForm:

1 thread: 110 ms
10 thread: 124 ms (looks like the same)

Document access (computeWithForm) and read source from URL:

1 thread: 14330 ms
10 thread: 2369 ms (83 % faster then one thread)

I want to present an special class for easy process documents in multiple threads. It based on ExtendedCollection and NotesExecutorService. Realization is under the cut.

 Example of using ConcurrentCollection:

ConcurrentCollection and DocumentTask realisation:

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