Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Domino Java Syncer Documentation


Domino Java Syncer - © Andriy Kuba

documentation v1.0


Domino Java Syncer is a stand alone Java application. It can export Java libraries from Domino database to Eclipse projects


System Requirements

Lotus Notes client 8.5.*.



Unzip application package. Application ready to run from command line.



Delete application folder.



Domino Java Syncer export java libraries from Domino database to Eclipse projects.

Application have command line interface. Ant and Bat files included in to the package. 

Command (in one line ofc)

Live Example

Log showing export process

Application creates Eclipse project fro each library. All that you need to do is to import existent project in to the Eclipse workspace


Ant file explanation

All libraries necessary for DXL are situated in the Notes jvm folder.

JVM configuration in Eclipse


Domino Java Libraries and Eclipse Project have different “module dependency” rules

So you could have an errors in Eclipse that show you problems with Java Build Path. You could resolve it by adding required project directly in Eclipse, or in Domino Java Libraries.

You will not have problems in Domino Java Libraries but you will have no problems in Eclipse also. And you will receive correct export process. So this is the recommended way - add required library in Domino Java libraries.

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