Tuesday, September 25, 2012

xPage in DXL

Domino export xPage's (java area, libs, xPages actually) in to DXL as base64 with some pre header.  This does not allow to change DXL and import it back. More of then, extracting real base64 become hard task because there is no any information about that "pre-header" in DXL.

I found similar question on the stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9929325/encoding-scheme-for-ssjs-library-when-exported-via-dxl


NotesSensei said...

You make your live MUCH easier when you access design via the Eclipse Virtual File System. Classic Notes design elements are DXL, script libraries are plain text and XPages are XPages.

Use the Import/Export plug-in on OpenNTF as reference (source code included) how to access the EVFS.

Andriy Kuba said...

That plugin is not so god. It looks like created just for creation. It import\export with note ids so files would be different for different replicas.

That plugin does not have command line interface, so it could not be automated

Andriy Kuba said...

ofc, idea to use domino eclipse plugin extension is good (as headless
eclipse application).

This way is more complicated to development\use that DXL.

So I will make my life much harder with such solution.