Friday, October 5, 2012

CKFinder for Domino. Thumbnails.

CKFinder have two options to show thumbnails - by request to the server "connector" command processor and by direct downloading.

Request to the "connector" ("ckfinder-connector-url\connector.xsp?command=Thumbnails...") is not accessible for Domino. Reading thumbnail attachment on the server and return data as result of the command is expensive operation for the server.

CKFinder construct direct download like "thumb-base-url\filename?hash=.....". In Domino, we have access to the attachment with the help of "\$file\" path. So we must to have URL like:

Or better:

In the case if will use substitution rules for fine url:

You need to find in the ckfinder.js  "getThumbnailUrl" function and modify code in the
"L && N.config.thumbsDirectAccess"

if (L && N.config.thumbsDirectAccess) {
     var filename = encodeURIComponent(M);
     var dotIndex = filename.lastIndexOf('.');
     var ext = filename.substring(dotIndex+1);
     var basenanme = filename.substring(0, dotIndex);
     return N.config.thumbsUrl + basenanme 
         + '-thumb/$file/'
         + basenanme + '-thumb.' + ext
         + (!K ? '' : '?Open&hash='
         + N.getResourceType(R.folder.type).hash
         + '&fileHash=' + P);

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