Friday, September 21, 2012

Accessing XPages global objects in Java (extended)

There is nice post "Accessing XPages global objects in Java". There is a little more information about returned objects.

It's a good idea to create some base class to extend it for all classes that need access to global xPage objects.

So I take variables from that articles and add Request and Response objects also.

Look more for the source.


NotesSensei said...

You need to be careful with this. If you store an instance in a longer living context (e.g. the XSP session), your Domino objects might not be valid anymore. Same applies for request and response

Andriy Kuba said...

Thank you NotesSensei. I will keep in mind.

Shibu Mathew said...

I tried placing the code in a java agent, but it give me a error showing cannot resolve javax.faces.context.ExternalContext?
How do i resolve it?

Andriy Kuba said...

This is not for the Java Agent, this is for the xPage