Monday, September 17, 2012

Synchronize database resources with folders

The task I have was to update CKEditor that we have in our app.

And yes - there is not possible to use server file system for me, only nsf.

A long time ago (1 year) I was upload CKEditor using WebDAV. There is only way that store folder structure in the file names of resources in .nsf. This days configuration of WebDAV was not allowed for me (yes, I have very strict access to the server) . So I need to install local (development) domino server, configure WebDAV, upload files, do copy of database with uploaded files on the main server .....

To much work, and what if I would need it again in few month ?

So I decide to wide my Domino Java Syncer utility to do image\css\file synchronization.

You could use it if you have similar task.

In a short:


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